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Last Updated: November 4, 2021

Our Mini-Guide for Buyers

How to search for items and shops on indiroot:

Enter descriptive terms in the search bar to start your search. Search results are ordered by how relevant the items are to what you search for. Further, we have categorized the items available on indiroot in the Product section at the top of the website under Find Products.

If you happen to know the name of the store you want to buy from, enter the exact shop name in the search bar. You’ll be brought directly to the shop. You can also use the Find Stores page for a complete list of the stores selling on indiroot.

How to purchase an item on indiroot:

  1. Find an item you want to purchase on indiroot.
  2. Click Add to cart.
  3. When you have added all the items you want to your cart, click on the cart icon.
  4. Click Proceed to checkout.
  5. Fill in your personal information and address.
  6. Choose your preferred payment method.
  7. Review your order to check that your information and order are correct.
  8. Click Place order.
  9. You’ll receive confirmation emails once your order has entered the next stage (processing, shipping, etc.).

When you buy on indiroot, you’re purchasing from individual shops. If you have any questions about an item or order, reach out to the vendor directly.

How to track your order on indiroot:

To track your purchase:

  1. Sign in to and go to Account,  
  2. Go to Purchases.
  3. Find your order. 
  4. You’ll see the status to each of your orders right there.

If you have more questions about the status of your order especially the shipment, or if tracking information isn’t available by the vendor, contact us for help. Shipping carriers may be experiencing delays which may cause vendors to experience an inability to timely obtain materials. Vendors may also experience delays due to an unprecedented volume of orders for certain items. If you know the shipping carrier your vendor used, you can check to see if and how their service may be affected. If not, we are always here to help.

How to contact the vendors:

If you need to get in touch with a vendor about an item on indiroot or if you want to discuss your order details with them, you can reach out to the vendor directly.

Each vendor is independent. Shop owners are independent micro-businesses who create or curate their own inventory and manage their own orders.

Contacting a vendor is the best way to get information about an item, or after your purchase, resolve any issues you may have had with your order. Each vendor manages their own orders and makes decisions about cancellations, refunds, and returns. If the vendor is unable to help you, your next step is to contact us regarding your case.

How to contact indiroot:

To contact our customer service, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Contact Us button. You may then call us, email us, or simply fill in the provided contact form and click Submit. We will review your case and respond as soon as possible.

Our Mini-Guide for Vendors

How to open your shop on indiroot:

indiroot is a dedicated marketplace for indigenous authentic handmade items. We do not require vendors to have a business license to sell. However, when selling on indiroot, you’re required to follow any laws that apply to you as a small business selling online. If you have any questions regarding which laws apply to you, please contact a qualified professional in your municipality.

If you want to become one of our dear vendors, please choose the Become a Vendor button at the top menu of our website. On the right side of the page, fill in the requested information and hit Register. Make sure that you choose the “I am a vendor” option before hitting Register. You will then be forwarded to your store setup screen. Carefully enter the needed information including your store address and your payment details such as PayPal and Bank Transfer info.

And then voila! You have arrived at your store dashboard. In the dashboard, you can view your sales statistics and your balance on indiroot. Further, you can see an overview of the status of your orders. On the left menu, you may have access to your account Settings, Purchases, Sales, Products, and Withdraw.

How to manage your shop:

In the Setting, you can choose a banner and a logo for your store. Further, you can write customized Terms and Conditions for your store. Outline all your policies for shipping, returns, exchanges, payments, custom items, or any other guidelines that are important for shoppers to know before they make a purchase from your store. You can also edit your personal, store, and payment details in Setting.

The next item is Purchases, which is in fact where you can see your orders and their status if you have bought any products from other stores.

Sales item is practically your dashboard, and the page you first see when you log in to your store account.

In Products, you can add, edit, or remove the products you are selling in your online store on indiroot. Hit Add New Product to add your items of inventory to your store. Then, add its title, photo, price, discounts (if desired), its category, and an attractive story about it. Tell us what inspired you to create this piece of art, what is the story behind it, and how you made such beauty. Upload clear photos that represent the style of your brand and make a strong first impression on shoppers. If you want professional pictures that can pop on your vendor profile, you can ask indiroot to provide that service for you. Further, we offer Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing services too. This technology is one of the sales-boosting methods now used by many retailers, and we can create help you leverage that for promoting your products and your store. If you are interested in knowing how we can help you increase your sales volumes through Augmented Reality, please contact us.

You can always edit the details of your shop later. You can also manage your inventory by marking some products as “In Stock“, “Out of Stock“, or “On Backorder“. We are also aware that there is only one and only one instance of some of your handmade products, and that is why we have also put this option there for you to indicate that buyers can only order one of those products in their order.

And the last item is “Withdraw“, where you can manage your shop finances. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, and once you have that minimum, you can submit a request for withdrawing your balance.

If you need assistance with any segments of setting up and managing your account, please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

How to become visible to buyers:

When a member searches for an item, indiroot algorithm works to return the most relevant matches. Details of this algorithm change regularly so we can help buyers find what they’re looking for. Some factors (such as title relevancy and store ranking) combine to determine which items to appear and in what order. Keep in mind that these factors are not equally weighted.

We want buyers to have a great experience when they purchase from a vendor. Because of this, we consider a shop’s record of customer service and whether it’s in good standing according to our policies. Also, to keep search results fresh for frequent shoppers, search algorithm reviews how recently an item was listed or relisted.

To Improve the search factors in your shop, the steps you take in listing your items and maintaining your shop are the ones to look for in getting your items found through search.

You can encourage shopper interaction with clear item photographs that invite a closer look. Provide a positive customer experience so they are encouraged to leave a great review. Make sure the description section of each product is complete. Write a compelling story to invite buyers for more visits to your vendor profile.

Indiroot also provides AR marketing campaigns to help you sell your listings better. The content of the AR marketing is totally dependable on the vendors themselves which they can negotiate with our team through contacting us.

How we help you to set up an AR campaigns:

Firstly, you should provide us with what content you want us to create for you in AR. Do you want to tell your audience about how you became a business owner? Do you want to tell us how a specific product is made, and what the story behind it is? Or do you want to simply present your different products in their real settings? Remember that, in indiroot, you are not selling only a product, you are offering passion, love, personal stories, and in one word, the “soul” of a handmade object.

When you are advertising your listings, we may show an AR icon next to your item with a preview button along with a description of what buyers may experience upon purchasing the items. Your AR ads will be shown to all buyers.

The amount you pay for your AR ads depends on the type of content and how complex it is for us to create it. We suggest that you set a budget for your AR campaign, and we fit the AR project into that budget. Therefore, this should be the maximum amount you’re willing to spend to advertise your items. For more information, please refer to our Augmented Reality section on indiroot.

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